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icole Schapiro is a Human Capital Management Coach, Strategy Advisor, Organizational Development Consultant and the author of the New York Times bestseller, Negotiating For Your Life. Her book was reviewed by the San Francisco Chronicle as “the year’s best contribution to business books.” US Senator Dianne Feinstein said “… after reading Negotiating For Your Life we learn how to expand our horizons and therefore our careers: I highly recommend it!”

Nicole was described by the New York Times as a “role model for all people who want to succeed and are not afraid of the odds.” She is indeed a role model for risk taking, resilience, and achieving vision and results.

Chicago Tribune described Nicole, “As a most inspirational speaker. Her presentations are life changing.” At age 15, Nicole escaped alone from Communist Hungary to the United States. Speaking no English she lived for a year as a homeless person in New York City. Yet with courage, persistence and innate negotiation skills she received a scholarship to the University of Chicago and earned a BS in Psychology, and later, from NYU, an MA in Industrial Psychology.

Before the age of 30 Nicole became the first woman senior vice president of Sales and Marketing at a NY based large financial institution. In 1991, she lost her home in the Oakland fire, left with nothing again, except her life. Nicole is a role model for overcoming difficult odds and challenges without ever acting like a victim. She utilizes her practical, in-the-trenches business experiences, inspiring life challenges to impact, ignite people’s passion and possibilities to lead them to successful results. Many organizations and individuals who have followed Nicole’s practical approach, innovative current methodologies have found immediate and sustainable results changing the bottom line and increased organizational success.

Nicole Schapiro has published numerous business articles and has been a guest on national Radio and TV Show such as Oprah, CNN and BBC. She has also received many awards including:

Nicole believes in serving her customers, community and family. She “pays it forward” through her involvement with and support of numerous nonprofit organizations dedicated to health, youth and environment.

About Nicole Schapiro & Associate

NICOLE SCHAPIRO & ASSOCIATES have produced customized keynote speeches, training seminars and executive coaching programs for small, medium and Fortune 100 and 500 companies around the world. At NSA, we pride ourselves on delivering proven results designed to achieve our client’s goals and organizational mission, while providing result oriented and sustainable solutions. Our Clients will have specific tools and strategies to maintain the motivation and commitment to use their newly acquired skills in both their professional and personal lives.’

Nicole Schapiro and NSA serve customers by consistently conducting field test to validate and update the research that is the bases of her customized methodology. The results are proven and cutting-edge material that helps customers to achieve sustainable success and to thrive in the global competitive market.

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