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Keynote speeches, training seminars and executive coaching for the most successful companies worldwide.

Nicole Schapiro Keynote Speeches

Passionate Practical and Inspiring

Nicole has received numerous accolades for her powerful, passionate, practical and inspiring keynote presentations from hundreds of global organizations. Her “Opening the Day,” “Luncheon,” and “Closing the Conference” presentations are customized to each organization.

Nicole Schapiro Keynote Speeches

Fulfill Executive Potential

As an advisor on strategy and as an executive coach, Nicole Schapiro helps executives, managers, and supervisors to:

  • Overcome their leadership liabilities and fulfill their executive potential.
  • Fine-tune their skills in strategy, communication, decision-making, speaking and more.

Schapiro Keynote Speeches

Customized To Client’s Needs

The training programs and workshops offered by Nicole Schapiro and Associates are customized to the specific needs of our clients’ industry, organizational structure, workforce environment and internal and/or external customers.


  • Comcast
    — Comcast
    “After your training, our sales numbers in the Cable Stores jumped from 85% to 120% both in Video and High Speed Internet

  • — Microsoft
    “Ms. Schapiro is a great story teller that inspired me to teach my team members how to find their own determination to stay in the game and exceed even their own expectations.”
  • Chevron
    — Chevron Corp
    “Through Nicole’s incredible keynote stories and practical tools, I better understand how to use and manage change to gain competitive advantage, individually and as a team.”
  • Kaiser Permanente
    — Kaiser Permanente
    “Ms. Schapiro was awesome, knowledgeable and encouraging with practical new material such as understanding the characteristics of a collaborative high performance team.”
  • Morgan Stanley
    — Morgan Stanley
    “Funny and vibrant. This presentation is life changing.”
  • Ford Motor Company
    — Ford Motor Company
    “Dynamic, candid, and inspiring. Every leader should experience her.”
  • Pacific Gas and Electric
    — PG&E
    “Nicole’s keynote and training presentations for our Supervisors and Managers demonstrate her ability to communicate with and powerfully impact both men and women at different levels of the organization.”
  • NASA
    — NASA
    “You do an absolutely outstanding negotiation course... You teach and see things so differently that it makes a real impact on the participants and on the whole organization. Every organization should be smart enough to hire you."
  • Xerox
    — Xerox
    “Knowledgeable, articulate, interesting, experienced. Nicole brings real life situations into context. I found the opportunity to 'sell' oneself and receive feedback from peers regarding strengths and weaknesses to be most useful."
  • Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
    — Lawrence Livermore Lab
    “Ms Schapiro motivates and creates organizational and personal cutting-edge successful futures for her clients. Her ability to understand, motivate and communicate with people at all levels, managers/supervisors, is “magical”.
  • Ford Motor Company
    — Ford Motor Company
    “Dynamic, candid, and inspiring. Every leader should experience her.”
  • Wells Fargo
    — Wells Fargo Bank
    “Motivational with immediate usable skills -- a must see event!”

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With innovative sensibility and irresistible energy, Nicole Schapiro ignites people, passion and possibilities that produce sustainable results.