Nicole Schapiro & Asscoiates Keynote Speeches and Executive Training

Nicole Schapiro & Associates
Strategy Advising and Executive Coaching

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Nicole Schapiro & Associates Strategy Advising and Executive Coaching

Nicole Schapiro Testimonials
Responses to Nicole’s Keynote speech to members of the transportation industry.
Executive Training

As an advisor on strategy and as an executive coach, Nicole Schapiro helps executives, managers, and supervisors to:

  • Overcome their leadership liabilities and fulfill their executive potential
  • Fine-tune their skills in strategy, communication, decision-making, speaking and more
  • Reduce turnover, cultivate teamwork, and inspire peak performance from their people
  • Effectively advance up the corporate ladder by increasing exposure, visibility, and self-promotion
  • Chart a decisive career path that is both fulfilling and sustainable
  • Fully realize their professional, personal and financial goals
  • Balance work, family and personal time, while excelling in all areas

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Nicole Schapiro & Asscoiates Strategy Advising and Executive Coaching

Nicole Schapiro & Asscoiates Strategy Advising and Executive Coaching

What Are Organizations Saying?

  • Project Design Manager, Xerox Corporation: Knowledgeable, articulate, interesting, experienced. Nicole brings real life situations into context. I found the opportunity to ‘sell’ oneself and receive feedback from peers regarding strengths and weaknesses to be most useful.”
  • Lawrence Livermore National Lab, H.R. Supervision Management Training: Ms Schapiro motivates and creates organizational and personal cutting-edge successful futures for her clients. Her ability to understand, motivate and communicate with people at all levels, managers/supervisors, is “magical”.
  • Kaiser Permanente: Ms. Schapiro was awesome, knowledgeable and encouraging with practical new material such as understanding the characteristics of a collaborative high performance team.”
  • ETrade: Nicole is best Investment. Dynamic”
  • University of California Santa Cruz: Ms. Schapiro raised the level of this training from a mere satisfactory experience to a really unique, exhilarating experience.”

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New York Times Best Selling Author

Nicole Schapiro - Negotiating For Your Life

By Nicole Schapiro
Senator Dianne Feinstein:
“After reading Negotiating for Your Life, we learn how to expand our horizons and therefore our careers; I highly recommend it!”


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