Nicole Schapiro & Associates Keynote Speeches

Powerful, passionate, practical and inspiring keynote presentations for hundreds of global organizations.

Nicole Schapiro & Associates Keynote Speeches

Nicole Schapiro Keynote Speech
An edited segment of Nicole Schapiro’s recent keynote to an audience of real estate agents.
Keynote Speech

Nicole has received numerous accolades for her powerful, passionate, practical and inspiring keynote presentations from hundreds of global organizations. Her “Opening the Day,” “Luncheon,” and “Closing the Conference” presentations are customized to each organization.

Every program that Nicole Schapiro and Associates develop is customized to meet the needs of the audience that she will work with. Nicole inspires participants to apply metaphors, stories, and life’s lessons in their personal and professional lives long after the conference is over.

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Nicole Schapiro & Asscoiates Keynote Speeches and Executive Training

Nicole Schapiro & Asscoiates Keynote Speeches and Executive Training

Working with Nicole and her staff, you will choose a topic focusing around the title and mission of the conference or event. The topic is then cultivated for the presentation. Six weeks prior to the event, a meeting is held with Nicole, and from that meeting a customized keynote is developed.

What Are Organizations Saying?

  • Microsoft Corp: Ms. Schapiro is a great story teller that inspired me to teach my team members how to find their own determination to stay in the game and exceed even their own expectations.”
  • Xerox Corp: Both Nicole Schapiro’s Sales Training and Keynote Speech was moving, enlightening, thoroughly covering a ton of practical, sustainable information. A must for any business, for any time, especially during times of transition and change.”
  • Chancellor, University of California, Santa Cruz: Nicole raised the level of this conference from a mere satisfactory experience to a really exhilarating experience.”
  • Senior Regional Manager, USA Networks: Nicole was dynamic, and well-deserved the standing ovation.
  • Manager, Coroporate Community Relations, Northrup Grumman: I believe each person who attended the session was energized by your tremendous spirit and positive attitude, fascinated by your incredible story, and given a renewed sense of empowerment that will serve us in our professional and personal lives.
  • Kaiser Permanente Medical Care Program: Few of our speakers receive rave reviews from all of our attendees.”
  • State Farm Insurance, Keynote attendee: Energetic, funny, a great communicator and storyteller. She gives actionable and creative and useful information.”

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Nicole Schapiro - Negotiating For Your Life

By Nicole Schapiro
Senator Dianne Feinstein:
“After reading Negotiating for Your Life, we learn how to expand our horizons and therefore our careers; I highly recommend it!”


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