Nicole Schapiro & Associates Training Programs

Our training programs are customized to our clients’ organizational structure and workforce environment.

Nicole Schapiro & Associates Executive Training Programs

Nicole Schapiro Training Programs
A sample of Nicole in action at a breakout training session.
Executive Training

The training programs and workshops offered by Nicole Schapiro and Associates are customized to the specific needs of our clients’ industry, organizational structure, workforce environment and internal and/or external customers.

Our customization includes: course development, workbook development, questionnaires, and telephone or personal interviews. We build and use scenarios that are industry and organization specific, teaching techniques that enable participants to immediately put theory to practice, taking them from “knowledge” to “knowing.”

Nicole Schapiro & Asscoiates Executive Training Programs

Nicole Schapiro & Asscoiates Executive Training Programs

The following list describes Nicole Schapiro and Associate’s most popular training courses:

  • Negotiation & Influence Skills
  • Change & Transition
  • Sales Training
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Diversity
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Green Leadership

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What Are Organizations Saying?

  • Sales Supervisor, Comcast: After your training, our sales numbers in the Cable Stores jumped from 85% to 120% both in Video and High Speed Internet
  • Ford Motor Company: Dynamic, candid, and inspiring. Every leader should experience her.”
  • Price Waterhouse: Thorough and detailed, excellent class…material presented in such imaginative ways. I can hardly wait to implement what I learned.”
  • Wells Fargo Bank: Motivational with immediate usable skills — a must!”
  • American Payroll Association: Fascinating! This workshop is the most motivating I have ever taken.”
  • Procurement Department Director, UCSF: Not only were your presentations and exercises on the mark for our needs, the materials you’ve given us will serve as a great resource for us in helping us stay the course and doing a better job.”
  • HR Director, NASA Ames Research Center: You do an absolutely outstanding negotiation course… You teach and see things so differently that it makes a real impact on the participants and on the whole organization. Every organization should be smart enough to hire you.”

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Nicole Schapiro Training Programs

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New York Times Best Selling Author

Nicole Schapiro - Negotiating For Your Life

By Nicole Schapiro
Senator Dianne Feinstein:
“After reading Negotiating for Your Life, we learn how to expand our horizons and therefore our careers; I highly recommend it!”


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